Jim Jones & Pure decided to flip Rihanna’s Cockiness record and remake it from a males point of view. #cocknspit Fly Or Flown Over ?


MTV News spoke with veteran Bronx rapper Peter Gunz, who confirmed that his son Cory Gunz was in custody, after being arrested with a loaded firearm. The 24-year-old rapper was handcuffed around 2p.m. on Saturday in his hometown, Bronx, New York where he is now being held. “It was definitely an illegal search,” Peter revealed. Fly Or Flown Over ?

Birdman and Slim are being sued for a sexual assault incident by an alleged associate. Birdman and Slim weren’t there for the incident. Fly Or Flown Over ?

Behind the scenes of YG’s new video, “I’m A Thug.” Fly Or Flown Over ?

Google spent a day on set with Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown and Hype Williams as they filmed the music video for “Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown”. Watch the making of here and look for the world premiere of “Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown” music video on Monday 1/30 at noon PST on Google Musichttp://goo.gl/C3ah8 Fly Or Flown Over ?

The Beastion level is one of the most difficult things to grasp in the #KobeSystem, but not for Kanye West. Fly Or Flown Over ?

Toronto was personally introduced to A$AP Rocky and his team, and the love was definitely in the building in a sold-out night of highlight stage dives, proclamations of a purple race without black, white, or yellow segregation, and of course some trill ass live Harlem music. But if that wasn’t enough for Rocky’s first appearance in Canada, the Opera House truly rumbled when surprise guest, Drake, Mr. T-Dot himself hit the stage in continued support of all things A$AP and gave a quick but epic run through of “The Motto.” Fly Or Flown Over ?