Machine Gun Kelly On DMX & Drake

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

So RESPECT magazine caught up with Machine Gun Kelly. He spoke on his recent session with DMX & performing with Drake on stage.

Longevity’s everything. And you’ve worked with some pretty crazy artists lately. You were in the studio with DMX and then you performed with Drake. DMX’s voice is crazy when you hear him just talking. You think he got made fun of as a kid with that voice?
Yeah, DMX is the realest person I’ve ever met in my life. He’s exactly what he says he is.

It must have been surreal.
Yeah, he actually came in when I was on top of a table rapping one of his songs, so it was like an awkwardly good moment.

And Drake brought you out to perform “Wild Boy” in Cleveland. What does someone like Drake mean to hip-hop? He shows so much love to everyone? He embraces all the younger artists.
It’s fucking cool. It’s tight. You know, I learned from that. I learn from him when he speaks how he does, when he acts how he does towards other artists. It definitely makes me mature as a young artist, it makes me be like, “Okay, maybe shunning people is not the route.” Not that I do that, per se, but I definitely do have a lot of competitiveness in my blood, where I’ll be like, “Shit, muthafucker, I want that number one spot.” But when you see Drake who has the number one spot so willingly give it all, it’s cool.


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